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Mon, Nov 28, 2022, 2AM – 3AM EDT
DYGYCON 7 | OPEN 1/21-23 | Main Date: JAN 22, 2022 | 2 PM - 5 PM EST / 6 PM - 9 PM UTC

📝 Please note: DYGYCON 7 is OPEN the entire weekend starting on Friday (1/21) 5 AM EST and ending Sunday (1/23) 11:59 PM EST. Be sure to arrive Saturday for our LIVESTREAM at 2PM - 5PM EST on Saturday, January 22, 2022.

WHAT'S NEW? We have a revamped website in progress! Click here to view!. At DYGYCON 6, we tried out a SILENT AUCTION HOUSE and it's back! If interested in submitting an NFT for auction, click here or email [email protected]. There will be additional games, activities and fun quests during the event. We have new volunteers joining DYGYCON to assist you all in making sure you get setup if it's your first time and to show you around the space in case you haven't explored everything yet! Follow us on Twitter for more info!

DYGYCON is brought to you by the creators of Splinterlands, the hit blockchain trading card game in which players really own their cards and play for real money rewards. Thanks to our huge network of good friends, innovative partners and visionary communities found in the course of our years of success, DYGYCON is your chance to make your own life-changing connections.

With prizes, SWAG, sponsor booths and talks from industry experts in blockchain, gaming, collectibles and DeFi, attendance of DYGYCON is packed with value. For companies, projects or products looking to be seen or heard by the right people in the space, DYGYCON is the place. Follow @DYGYCON on Twitter so you don’t miss a single DYGYCON event.

For inquiries about available sponsorship opportunities contact [email protected]

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