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Fri, Apr 28, 9AM – Sun, Apr 30, 9PM PDT

NFTOPIA is a virtual metaverse convention for the masses onboarding you into web3/blockchain, new tech, art, and communities. Share this event:

HYPE and SPONSOR EVENTS will be happening prior to the main weekend convention programming, so don't forget to stop by to check on updates here and on our Discord (

Attendees can enter for free from a web browser and use customizable avatars to navigate the convention platform and communicate with other attendees and visit booths. The booths are set up by sponsor projects that show custom slides and websites on the booth screens. We will also host hourly events during the convention weekend for people to come to different booths with live streams - see Schedule!

Most Sponsor projects including the "nftopiafrens" NFT collection are on the carbon-neutral, gaming & utility focused WAX Blockchain. Learn more at

Email: [email protected]

Founded by Waffles Kitty (Formerly Splinterlands DYGYCON Event Coordinator), TonyTrip from the "cybervandals" collection, and BreakMan from the "cbreakgaming" collection.

Volunteers for future convention events are welcome! Contact us! [email protected]
Waffles Kitty Twitter:
Schedule a call:

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