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Fri, May 12, 10AM – Sat, May 13, 10PM EDT
PolyDoge Birthday Bash - 2 Year Celebration

PolyDoge 🐶🚀 is celebrating their 2 Year Birthday and decided to do it up in style by bringing several friends, communities, projects, prizes and live entertainment together for a giant metaverse party! 🥳

🎂 Come to take part in the buffet of experiences this Birthday Bash has to offer from games, giveaways, showcases, custom digital branded merch, live music and more! A grand way to end the week and hang out with other crypto enthusiasts ❤️‍🔥

As with all the PolyDoge events, we strive to bring things to the next level 🆙

🎫 The NFT tickets for this event double as loot boxes to a wide pool of prizes ranging from NFTs, Tokens and other goodies. Each tier has within it a built in number of raffle chances. This functionality will open during the event 🤩

🎟️ Ticket Tiers and Info are in the link above that says "Buy or Use Ticket"

  • You will only be able to register on this event portal once you have used your ticket to validate your attendance

🌐 More details are coming soon on our website under construction 🚧

We look forward to having you join us on our next adventure while we party it up in the metaverse! ✉️ For inquires or sponsorship opportunities please message us on TG @jkcharters or @bryansage and [email protected]